Design and development

In response to the needs of the market for the more demanding forms and functions of electrical distribution pedestals, we introduced more complex methods of cutting materials (waterjet and laser) and electrostatic plastic coating. The increase in customer inquiries led us to extend our services to include waterjet and laser material cutting and electrostatic plastic coating. Prices are determined on an individual basis, depending on the scope and complexity of the client’s request.

Electrostatic plastic coating

Electrostatic plastic coating is a method of protecting the surface of metal against corrosion, heat and abrasion. The result of this process is a protective surface coating. It can be used as a durable protective layer for new metal products and/or a simple method of renewing old metal.

Plastic coating is now the most environmentally friendly method of metal finishing. The unlimited choice of colours and surface structures meets all aesthetic criteria. Plastic coating services can be applied to products with the following maximum dimensions: length 500 cm, width 160 cm, height 160 cm, and weight 80 kg.

Waterjet and laser cutting services

Waterjet - water jet cutting machine

In 2008, we purchased a Waterjet cutter which is used for cutting a variety of materials. The Waterjet cutter uses a high-pressure jet of water and quartz sand to erode away material, achieving precise cutting. Waterjet cutting is used to cut steel, stainless steel, granite, marble, glass, rubber, plastic, aluminium and other metals. The material is not heated in the process and so its intrinsic properties are not altered. Prices of cutting services are determined on an individual basis, and depend on the length of the cut and the type of material.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting of metal enables high-precision cut quality (accurate to 0.2 mm) without scraping, with minimal waste of material and negligible warping. Laser cutting is recommended for stainless steel, black steel and galvanised steel up to 3 mm in thickness.

CNC tube bending machine

In 2014, we purchased a CNC tube bending machine for use in our manufacturing process and now offer bending services to our customers as well. The CNC tube bending machine, with the appropriate combination of tools, provides high-quality, precise and efficient bending of various shapes. Materials which can be bent using the tube bending machine include steel, stainless steel or aluminium. Services are provided at the customer’s request. The maximum dimensions of the materials are: 5 mm in thickness, 3,200 mm in length.

Design and development

In the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction, besides expert project supervision, installation and maintenance of our products, we also provide the following services:

Mechanical design

Our expert team provides professional consulting services in mechanical engineering at the individual request of our clients. Clients can request the design of mechanical constructions and the drafting of technical documents.

We also provide the design and manufacture of electrical distribution pedestals according to the individual client’s specifications.

Electrical design

We design electrical engineering projects for low-voltage installations for marinas, harbours and campsites as well as street lighting according to the client’s specific requirements. In addition to technical measurements, tests, drafting and project supervision, our experts also provide electrical engineering consulting services.