Harbor Commander Cloud is Marex's system for managing water and electricity supply in marinas and port authorities. The cabinets are connected to the Internet, and they may either be networked with each other with a wired or wireless connection, or they can have an individual internet connection, for example via a data SIM card. Connections are managed remotely, using a WEB application. The database is stored on the cloud. The application may be accessed via smartphone, tablet or computer with internet access. There are different admin applications for reception staff, admin applications for sailors and client applications for sailors. To log in to the application , you need a username and a password.

Key features of the Admin application:

- Interactive map with cabinet display

- Overview of the cabinet (display of the cabinet with the current status of the connections, display of all active and inactive sessions and remote switching on/off of the connection terminals),

- User overview (search by ship, name, surname, e-mail, display of sessions with initial and final meter balance, duration and consumption, credit, prepaid/postpaid settings, tariffs, connection limit, etc.),

- Overview of alarms (display of active alarms and display of alarm history),

- Overview of statistics and analysis (overview of cabinets according to consumption, overview of users according to consumption, overview of connection terminals according to consumption) and

- Settings (tariffs, online payment and restrictions on the use of connection terminals)

Key features of the Client application:

- switching the terminals on/off, scanning the QR code on the cabinet

- display of details and past sessions

- online payment

Payment of electricity and water consumption is possible in both prepaid and postpaid versions.

With the prepaid method, the user must first deposit a certain amount of money into the account, which he may either do himself by online shopping or he can pay the funds directly at the reception.

With the postpaid method, the user can first use the water and electricity connections and then make the payment at the end of the stay in the marina. Payment can also be made online or directly at the reception.